PS752 tragedy: Ukraine’s passenger aircraft likely hit by surface-to air missile, - Bellingact 10 January 2020, 19:04

Bellingcat, the independent investigation bureau has confirmed that the Ukrainian civilian aircraft that crashed in Iran had been most likely downed by a SAM missile.

The bureau experts analyzed the video record issued by the New York Times and defined its location, using the satellite images. It turned out that the video was filmed in the living area of the town of Parand, where the jet crashed on January 8. Bellingcat investigators also marked the key moments of the incident on the video.

The missile, fired from the west, hit the object as it moving in the skies from the east. Then, the plane changed the course, heading to the eventual crash site. One can also hear the explosion after the missile hit the jet. Thanks to this sound and the data about the plane's altitude at that particular moment, the investigators found out that the missile was fired from the distance of three kilometers away from the plane.


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