Zelensky's 100 days in office of president of Ukraine

18:54, 27 August 2019

No clear electoral program, and still powerful support of voters, - this is the result of Volodymyr Zelensky's first 100 days in power. The president was elected after two rounds-long election in May 2019.

Immediately after taking office, he announced that the Parliament would be dissolved, which meant snap parliamentary elections. His political force, Servant of the People won these elections, getting the single-party majority in the Parliament.

Zelensky visited the Ukrainian military positions in Donbas several times; when the government troops sustained heavy casualties in combat zone, he called his Russian counterpart Putin but failed to solve anything. Zelensky also visited France, Germany and Brussels, reassuring that his country would keep up with the current course towards the EU and NATO membership.

However, he also offers a nationwide referendum to settle this issue. This requires an amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine. Zelensky also promises to lift the immunity off the judges, lawmakers and himself. According to the sixth president of Ukraine, the country's econony will grow soon after the new Parliament and the government start working.