Year 2020 in Ukraine: emergencies, anomalous weather, secret recordings, pandemic, new Maidan, rotation in govt

16:48, 11 January 2021


How Ukrainians will remember the year of 2020?

Of course, it will be remembered for the main events such as the emergence of the coronavirus and all that tags along with it: lockdown, border closures, virus mutations, news about overcrowded hospitals and predictions of how it will all end, and most importantly - when. But in fact, other events also took place, which we will remind you of.

You have probably already forgotten about the flooding in the Carpathians and the fires in Chornobyl zone and Luhansk region. Or how many ministers were replaced during this year or that the law on the land sale was passed in Ukraine. Do not forget about the legalization of the gambling business, elections in Belarus, entrepreneurs who were obliged to set cash registers, which is why they protest and block roads, some even spend the night on the Maidan. Do you remember how many fascinating recordings were published by the MP Derkach and colleagues? Also, local elections were held, the turnout at which was record low. There were some really sad incidents: the UIA plane was shot down in Iran and an An-26 plane fell near Chuhuiv.

Let's hope that next year brings us more positive news and everything returns to normal!

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