Yanukovych state treason case: lawyers refuse to participate in court hearing

01:56, 2 August 2018

Kyiv court suspended the hearing in the case of the state treason committed by Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president. The reason for suspension was that his lawyers, Viktor Ovsyannykov and Oleksandr Baidyk, left the session hall; they pointed out that the judge did not give them enough time to look into the case materials during the hearing. 

When the prosecutor spoke, lawyers started interrupting him; eventually, they just left the hall. The court ruled that the Centre for Free Secondary Judicial Assistance either bring back the incumbent government-appointed lawyer or appoint a new one.

Yanukovych has been avoiding the court session for a while; he’s been fleeing from justice in Russia, where he escaped to after the Revolution of Dignity supporters toppled his regime in February 2014.