Yanukovych state treason case: defence lawyers start scuffles with police in court instead of debates

19:15, 16 August 2018

Scuffles, disputes, numerous breaks – this is today’s court hearing in the state treason case against fugitive ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The hearing began behind the schedule as the private lawyers blocked the entrance for the state lawyer, appointed by the court.

The lawyers state that the court violates the right of their defendant. They have already filed a complaint to police, though it was the head of Obolon district department of police who the lawyers scuffled with. Earlier, the court has suspended the private lawyers from the court proceedings. The debates were planned during today’s court hearing.

Yanukovych is charged with state treason, assistance in deliberate actions against Ukraine’s state border, sovereignty and territorial integrity and assistance in leading the aggressive war against Ukraine.