Video of Dnipro city shootout published online - English subtitles

15:39, 25 July 2017

Radio interception of police patrol conversation after the shootout on Gagarin Avenue in Dnipro city that occurred on Monday appeared in social networks. The record was published on YouTube.

According to the video description, it contains real conversations of the police patrol during the event, including video of the shootout itself. During the talks of law enforcement officers, you can hear some details of the incident, as a result of which two ATO soldiers were killed.

In particular, it’s possible to make out how the patrolmen reported shooting at Gagarin Avenue. Then, during the pursuit, the weapons were thrown out of the car by gunmen: at the intersection of Gagarin Avenue and Chernyshevska street there was an automatic rifle, and at the intersection of Gagarin and Karl Marx Avenue law enforcers found a gun.

Later, the patrol began to look for another car of the attackers - Subaru. It is also reported that there were four cars.

(18+, the video contains shocking pictures and is not recommended for people with weak mentality)