UN called Russian military operation in Syria barbarity

17:35, 26 September 2016

Western countries called Russian military operation in Syria barbarity and accused Russia of lying about their actions there. Such attacks were made during the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on September 23, called on the request of France against the backdrop of a new aggravation of the conflict in Syria after the destruction of the humanitarian convoy near Aleppo.

The US Permanent Representative Samantha Powers believes, that Russia or the regime of Bashar al Assad are behind the attack.

Several diplomats and UN Secretary General defined th ebombing of humanitarian convoys as war crimes.

The representative of Russia said that it is nearly impossible to keep peace in Syria now. According to him, the ceasefire is sabotaged by the opposition forces, supported by Washington.

When Syrian envoy was saying Damascus will not surrender any part of its territory, representatives of the United States, Great Britain and France left the sessionhall.