Ukrainian parliament votes for establishment of Anti-corruption court

18:05, 7 June 2018

317 Ukrainian lawmakers, which makes the constitutional majority in the parliament, said yes to the establishment of the Anti-Corruption court in this country. When the draft law was approved in the first reading in March, Ukraine’s foreign partners criticized it. The judiciary committee of the Parliament considered and adopted almost 2,000 amendments to the bill.

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court shall consider cases against top corrupted persons, who fall under the jurisdiction of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), and the cases against the representatives of the NABU, who fall under investigation of State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

This refers to the crimes on inappropriate use of budget funds, abuse of power or influence, illegal enrichment, bribery. Creation of the Anti-Corruption Court is one of the conditions for Ukraine to get the financial assistance from the IMF.