Ukrainian detainee returns from Iran, exchanged for convicted Iranian spy

18:56, 10 January 2019

Ukrainian sailor could be executed in Iran but avoided certain death and returned home. Andriy Novichkov, previosuly judged for the murder has been exchanged for Iranian citizen Ali Jaduel, who was judged in Ukraine as a spy. Since President Petro Poroshenko pardoned Jaduel, the Iranian government agreed to pardon Novichkov - after two years-long investigation. 

In 2016, Novichkov joined the crew of Arezoo, the Iranian vessel. 18 days after the vessel entered the South China Sea, Novichkov had a conflict with another sailor who jumped to his death off the board.

In February 2017, Novichkov was taken to the coast by force and taken to the police. In November 2017, Novichkov began a hunger strike; eleven days after that, the investigation released him under the personal commitment of the ambassador.