Ukrainian border guards suffer poisoning due to chemicals leak at Crimean titan factory

19:15, 7 September 2018

37 servicemen of Ukraine’s State Border Guard were poisoned due to the chemicals leak, which had earlier occurred at Crimean Titan factory in the occupied Crimea. Andriy Hordeev, the head of Kherson regional administration, confirmed that on Friday.

Until yesterday, there were no disturbing health status reports due to the emergency situation in Crimea. Over just two days, doctors examined 800 people who complained the symptoms resembling those typical for the poisoning.

About 2,000 school students were sent to a resort in Kherson region for recovery. Since the wind changed its direction on September 6, the Ukrainian checkpoints on the administrative border with Crimea were closed. Five of the 37 servicemen who suffered poisoning were taken to a hospital in Odesa