Ukraine marks anniversary of 1918 battle of Kruty

18:49, 29 January 2019

Ukraine claimed its independence thanks to the heroes of Kruty battle. President Petro Poroshenko said that during the speech on Tuesday, as the Ukrainians marked the 101st anniversary of the tragic collision.

On this day in 1918, Ukrainan military cadets and the Bolshevik troops clashed in a deadly fight.  A handful of young men gave their lives to stop the aggressor, as the enemy army moved from Russia and headed to Kyiv. The fight that occurred at Kruty railway station, 130 kilometers north from Kyiv, became one of the most tragic pages of the Ukrainian history of the 20th century.

The Bolsheviks captured those who survived the battle, executed them and captured Kyiv. When the city was liberated two months after that, the remains of 28 youngsters were solemnly re-buried in the Ukrainian capital.