Trump calls Crimea ‘part of Russia’, White House fails to confirm, Ukraine provide no official comments

17:53, 15 June 2018

President Donald Trump's administration is unaware of his recent expression on Crimea being 'part of Russia'. Sarah Sanders, the press secretary of the White House said this at a briefing in Washington on June 14.

'I’m not aware of any comment like that.  I know it’s been reported, but I’m not going to comment on a private conversation I wasn’t a part of — that I don’t have information on', she stressed.

Earlier, the U.S. leader Donald Trump called Crimea 'part of Russia', because 'everyone speaks Russian there'. BuzzFeed News reported that with reference to their own sources. According to the outlet, Trump said this at the dinner, which took place after the official part of the G7 summit.

Trump also asked the G7 leaders why would they support Ukraine, since it was 'one of the most corrupt countries of the world', as he put it.