Trial over Yanukovych to continue on August 3

17:38, 12 July 2017

The trial over ex-president Viktor Yanukovych will resume on August 3. The former Ukrainian leader flees from justice, hiding in Russia; the current Ukrainian government charges him with state treason and assisting in waging aggressive war against this country.

Recently, the Ukrainian court took a long break between the sessions because Vitaliy Meshechek, Yanukovych’s newly appointed state lawyer did not have enough time to look into the materials of the case. The lawyer will have to represent Yanukovych in court, since the ex-president called back all his lawyers last week. Yanukovych said that the whole trial is now illegitimate, as the Ukrainian side considers him as a suspect, not the witness.

Ukrainian prosecutors assume the ex-president aims to drag the consideration of his case.