Trial over rogue officer of Ukraine's Armed Forces

18:31, 14 December 2016

Today the court in Kyiv chooses the pre-trial restraint for the Ukrainian colonel Ivan Bezyazykov accused of collaboration with militants. The session is continued due to the motion of the defense to dismiss the judge. The previous hearing was postponed on Tuesday due to the hospitalization of the defendant. The medical examination revealed no problems that would demand surgical intervention.

The colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ivan Bezyazykov is suspected in collaboration with militants who held him hostage for two months.

According to the wife of Bezyazykov, four men in civil clothes came to their place, produced a search warrant stating that Bezyazykov is suspected of collaboration with so-called Donetsk Peoples’ Republic and took him to the pretrial detention center. Later it has emerged that the men were the SBU officers.

The Security Service of Ukraine state that they’ve collected enough evidence against Bezyazykov, citing the testimony of those captured with him by the militants.