Top-rank Russian Army officer might be involved in MH17 tragedy

18:17, 8 December 2017

Russian Colonel General Nikolai Tkachev could be behind the downing of MH17, the civilian aircraft of Malaysian Airlines shot down over eastern Ukraine in summer 2014.

This piece of information has been revealed thanks to the efforts of Bellingcat investigation group and Russian outlet The Insider. The investigators looked into the intercepted phone calls revealed by the SBU, Ukraine’s state security service.

The two interlocutors who used call signs Orion and Dolphin; at some point, Dolphin said his name and patronymic were Nikolai Fedorovich. A correspondent called Nikolai Tkachev, the-then general of the Russian army, to have the record of his voice analyzed and compared with Dolphin’s.

Later, the record was handed over to the U.S. and Lithunian experts who assumed it could be a 100-percent match.