Three hundred sheep face death due to Ukraine-Turkey export failure and forced quarantine

20:32, 29 October 2018

Ukrainian animal rights activists demand protection for a herd of sheep, as almost 300 animals face a likely death in a quarantine in Vinnytsia region, central Ukraine. The problem emerged as a Turkish businessman ordered 300 sheep from Ukraine.

As they arrived in Turkey, the customer refused to take them due to bureaucratic issues. The sheep were taken back to Ukraine and taken to the quarantine zone; before that happened, the herd stayed at a local seaport for two weeks without any food or water. Some died of starvation and exhaustion. A local official offered to slaughter the surviving animals, as they could have been infected with a dangerous disease.

The Ukrainian police opened a criminal case on animal abuse and violation of the sanitary norms. The activists demanded to bring the said official to justice and pass the sheep to a new owner; veterinary doctors took the blood samples and examined the surviving animals.