Third anniversary of Minsk Agreement signature

18:25, 12 February 2018

It’s been three years since Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE signed the Minsk agreement, the framework document that aims to solve the Donbas conflict. It was signed back in January 2015 and approved by the Normandy Four member countries – France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

Currently, only three out of 13  positions have been fulfilled. OSCE monitors observe the situation across the entire combat area. However, they do not have full access to all sectors held by the militants.

The Russian mercenaries have been violating ceasefire regime almost around the clock, and that’s the key condition to solve the conflict, which lasts almost four years now. Besides, there are still many hostages to be released from captivity.

Ukraine still does not have full control over the militant-held section of the state border, and Russia does not hurry up to withdraw its troops from Donbas.