The United Nations suspend humanitarian supplies to Syria

19:51, 20 September 2016

The United Nations announced suspending of its humanitarian supplies to Syria.

This decision was reached when UN and the Red Crescent humanitarian convoy was hit by an air strike. At that the convoy had all the respective permissions, and Russia and the US were informed of its route.

According to the latest information, 12 people died, 18 of 31 trucks were damaged. They carried medicine, wheat and warm clothes.

The UN headquarters state that in case the airstrike was intentional, then it should be determined as a war crime.

Syrin Aleppo is under siege for a long time. 275 thousand people remain there now.

A contact group on Syria agreed a truce in Geneva at the beginning of September. However Bashar al Assad administration announced that the rival is using the ceasefire regime to prepare their next attacks, and thus they resumed their military actions.

The US State Department now requires the explanations from the Kremlin as Moscow claimes responsibility for keeping Syrian truce.