Suschenko case: Ukraine's reporter may be exchanged for Russian military man

19:39, 4 July 2017

There is a chance that Ukraine’s reporter Roman Sushchenko could be exchanged for Russian military serviceman Viktor Ageev. Mark Feygin, the lawyer of the detained Ukrainian, said this in his interview with Radio Liberty.

According to Feygin, this case became a public one – just like the case of two Russian servicemen who got exchanged for Ukrainian Nadiya Savchenko.

Viktor Ageev is the Russian soldier detained in the Donbas conflict zone in June 2017; he sided with pro-Kremlin mercenaries to fight Ukrainian troops in Donbas. Ukrainian reporter Roman Sushchenko was detained in Moscow in September 2016; the Russian authorities accused him of espionage.

He currently stays in pre-trial detention facility in Moscow.