Sport On the Firing Line: Cable man creates children's sports clubs in Krasnohorivka

16:32, 18 April 2018

They play football while listening to the sounds of shooting. Today, we have a story about sports club in the near-frontline town - Krasnohorivka. The director of a local electrical substation Andriy Shapochka organized sports lessons for children in a facility damaged in the war. We continue with our Close East112 project.

All is like in real futsal: a hall, goals, a ball and two teams. But you notice right away that players are of different age, boys and girls, and 72-year old Fedorovych. And on the second floor, 8-year-old Sashko is thrashing a punching bag. The boxing champion of the region. He is training for a national competition. Karate fighters are right in the next room. 17-year-old Alina is a coach. The four-time champion of Ukraine.

The director of the whole sports complex is Andriy Shapochka.

As part of the project CloseEast112, we go on telling about people who make Donbass better for fellow countrymen and closer to the whole country. This film is presented by the 112 Ukraine TV channel in the framework of the project with the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI II), funded by the US agency of international development USAID. It is devoted to the people of Donbas region who have managed to change their lives in spite of the war unfolding in Eastern Ukraine.