Smolensk plane crash investigation: explosion possible before collision with ground

17:41, 25 October 2017

Russian investigators asked the Polish colleagues to delete part of the report on the investigation into the crash of Tu-154 aircraft in 2010.

A certain part of the record displays a heat surge, which was detected on board of the Polish passenger plane that fell down in Smolensk, Russia, in April 2010. According to Gazeta Polska, this part of the record contained footage, which could prove that the plane sustained damage due to explosion before it hit the ground. The outlet says Russian investigators offered their counterparts to delete the 4.5-second-length fragment for purpose.

As is known, the crash of Tu-154 in Smolensk killed the entire Polish governmental delegation, headed by the-then President Lech Kaczynski, as the officials were on their way to Russia.