Skripals case suspect helped Ukraine's ex-president Yanukovych escape to Crimea in 2014

20:40, 2 October 2018

Anatoliy Chepiga, the suspect in the Skripals poisoning case helped Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych flee the country in February 2014. Reporter Serhiy Kanyev investigated the ride of two Russian special agents to Salisbury.

According to the research, Chepiga known under his alias Ruslan Boshyrov led the special operation, during which the ex-Ukrainian leader escaped to Russia. According to Kanyev’s own sources, Chepiga and his men arrived in the presidential residence in Kyiv region in February 2014.

He guarded Yanukovych, and then took him to Crimea. For this particular operation, Chepiga got the award from the hands of Russian president Putin.