Sentsov may be fed forcefully if he continues his hunger strike

18:13, 5 June 2018

Ukrainian movie director Oleg Sentsov, illegally held in the Russian penal colony, may face forced feeding. If he continues to refuse from food, after 30 days of the hunger strike, the doctors will feed him through the enteral feeding tube. Sentsov’s lawyer Dmytro Dinze told this to the press on Tuesday.

According to him, the doctors expect Sentsov’s conditions to worsen after Day 30 of the continued starvation, and medical intervention will become necessary. If Sentsov continues to refuse from food even after that, the consequences will be fatal, doctors say.

Oleg Sentsov announced hunger strike on May 14. He demands to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners, illegally held in Russian colonies and detention centers. In August 2015, the Russian court sentenced him to 20 years behind the bars under the charges with preparing terrorist acts in Crimea. The movie director denies all charges.