Sentsov loses weight, looks older than before, - cousin

16:47, 6 July 2018

After the meeting with Oleg Sentsov at Labytnangi penal colony in northern Russia, his cousin Natalya Kaplan posted on Facebook some more news about his current health conditions and revealed some of the conversations.

Oleg Sentsov is alive, he continues to struggle, although he's having a very hard time. He sincerely hopes that the freedom is close, and it's not just about his own freedom. He asks everyone to abstain from manipulations and lies, telling the truth and stop caring too much about the consequences, because that's the only way to the victory.

e asks not to concentrate all the attention on his person, not making him the political prisoner No.1, but to make efforts to release all prisoners', she wrote.

According to her, Sentsov 'seems to be looking much older and slimmer than before'.

On July 5, Oleg Sentsov and his cousin Natalya Kaplan met at the penal colony in northern Russia, where the Ukrainian political prisoner currently serves time. The last time Kaplan saw him when the court announced the verdict in his case – four years ago.