Sentsov calls his physical condition pre-critical, - human right activist

19:39, 14 August 2018

Ukrainian political prisoner Oleh Sentsov called his condition "precritical." He met with Russian human rights activist Zoya Svetsova in Labytnangi colony. The meeting was held in the prison cell of Sentsov and lasted several hours, according to RTVI.

After that, the activist told that Sentsov trusted doctors of the colony, but they made no predictions. They doctors that the supporting treatment - IV line and nutrient mix will not be able to sustain his life for a long time.

Sentsov is serving 20 years sentence in a colony of strict regime - for the alleged preparation of terrorist attacks in the occupied Crimea. Ukrainian has been on the hunger strike for 93 days demanding to release all political prisoners. His mother asked Kremlin for his pardon in late June. The letter is currently being considered by the special commission.