Scandal at Eurovision-2019 national selection: Who is going to represent Ukraine in Israel?

19:24, 27 February 2019

Change the Eurovision national selection. The Cabinet of Ministers applied to the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine with such a proposition. The main goal is to avoid situations like this year. They also suggested regulating the concert activity of Ukrainian artists in Russia and on the temporarily occupied territories.

The band KAZKA explained on Instagram that they do not want to get their victory this way, as they got the third place on the national selection, and not the first one. Earlier, the second place winners the band Freedom Jazz band refused to represent Ukraine as well. Before that Maruv was supposed to represent Ukraine as she won the national selection when the majority of the TV audience voted for her. But she failed to agree on the contract with the National Television Company.

According to Maruv, she has to pass the rights for her song and to abide by the contract very strictly.

The National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine explained that they and the participant from Ukraine have to show the performance and the storyboard to the Eurovision directors before March 8 - 10. However, they do not rule out the possibility that this year no one would represent Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest in Israel at all.