Russia's FSB detains official responsible for sending Siemens turbines to Crimea

15:38, 14 July 2017

Roman Filippov, the CEO of Power Machines company was detained in Saint Petersburg. The FSB, the Russian federal security service took him in as a suspect in leaking official secrets.

Filippov’s company supplies Siemens exhaust turbines to the occupied Crimea; the Russian law enforcers found out that the official showed third persons certain documents that containied confidential information. The FSB interviewed him, searched his apartment and the work place.

Filippov is also bound to not leave the city. According to the contract between Siemens and the Power Machines, the turbines shipped to Crimea had been produced at the factory that belongs to both Russian and German companies. Previously, the media reported that German gas turbines were deployed in the Russian-annexed Crimea.

Such actions contradict the course of EU economic sanctions against Russia. Siemens officially denies the fact of supplies to Crimea; the German company already sued those behind the scandal.