Russia's FSB detained and tortured ex-Ukrainian army serviceman in Crimea

15:56, 16 August 2017

The FSB, the Russian federal security service detained a Ukrainian citizen in Crimea. The detainee, Hennadiy Lymeshko proved to be the former serviceman of Ukraine’s armed forces.

According to his mother, Russian occupant authorities detained him illegally and treated him as the agent of Ukraine’s security service.

Later, the FSB released the video of Lymeshko’s confession, where he said he worked for the Ukrainian security service. However, his mother says, these confessions were beaten out of him. Lymeshko’s face has clear traces of beating on it, although most of the scars were covered with the make-up.

The Ukrainian side says that detention of the Ukrainian citizen is just another provocation of the self-styled Russian ‘authorities’ in Crimea.