Russia was aware of chemical attack in Syria in advance, - U.S. administration

19:20, 11 April 2017

The White House says Russia knew about the preparations for the chemical attack in Syria carried out by the government troops on April 4. The Associated Press said that referring to an anonymous official in the Pentagon.

According to the source, a Russian drone was spotted over the hospital where the victims headed to after the attack. An airstrike followed soon after the drone disappeared.

Washington insists that was arranged so as to conceal the use of the chemical weaponry. However, the U.S. administration found it difficult to say whether the aircraft’s pilot belonged to the Syrian or the Russian air force.

As is known, the U.S. Navy fired dozens of Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian airbase; that, according to the Pentagon, either destroyed or damaged about 20 percent of the entire Syrian combat aircraft.