Russia sentences Ukraine’s gravely ill political prisoner to six years behind bars

18:20, 22 March 2019

Russian court ruled to sentence Pavlo Gryb to six years in prison. The Ukrainian political prisoner who suffers the symptoms of several tough diseases has been charged with aiding terrorist activity in Russia. The young man will have to serve time in the general penal colony.

Having heard the sentence, Gryb announced a hunger strike, which is this health condition is extremely dangerous for his life. On Thursday, he delivered his final plea before the court. He denied all charges, saying that his case was politically motivated. He called the Russian FSB 'a bunch of bandits and murderers' and wished his fellow Ukrainian captives to endure this test with dignity.

Gryb was detained by Russian FSB in Belarus in summer 2017. By now, he spent more than one and a half year in the Russian remand center. According to his family, he suffers multiple issues with his heart, liver and spleen. Besides, his condition reveals certain signs of the Alzheimer disease.