Ruban case: corrupt leader of negotiation center for POW release denies guilt

18:50, 20 March 2018

Volodymyr Ruban, the head of the Centre for Release of POWs in Donbas, who was busted with a large arsenal when crossing the checkpoint in Donetsk region, denies charges against him.

On Tuesday, the court left Ruban in custody, dismissing the appeal by MP Nadiya Savchenko and Ruban’s lawyer, who tried to persuade the court that the defendant is innocent.

Currently, the official is suspected of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act; an attempt of coup d’etat and seizure of power; a murder attempt on the lives of state and public figures, the assistance to a terrorist organization (‘DNR’), and the illegal handling of weapons.

Ruban was detained at Mayorske checkpoint on March 8. His current detention period expires on May 9.