Real foster mother: director of child care center helps orphans find their new families

20:20, 30 March 2018

She saved 69 children from forced exportation to Russia, opened a regional child care center on Ukraine-controlled territory. And continues to do what she was doing in Luhansk. She takes care of orphans and looks for new families for them. This is the story of Kateryna Dontsova in the next material of the Close East project.

There are 14 babies like Tanya in the group. They were abandoned at the maternity hospital, and after that taken here - to the regional child's house.

And this is their temporary mother - the chief doctor and director of the center Kateryna Dontsova. But, for the children she is just Katya.

Currently, there are 58 children in the house. Orphans and those, whose parents were deprived of parental rights. Сhild's foster parent Kateryna Dontsova is sure that they all will find new families.

This the next story from The Close East series.

As part of the project #CloseEast112, we go on telling about people who make Donbass better for fellow countrymen and closer to the whole country. This film is presented by the 112 Ukraine TV channel in the framework of the project with the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI II), funded by the US agency of international development USAID. It is devoted to the people of Donbas region who have managed to change their lives in spite of the war unfolding in Eastern Ukraine.