Pro-Russian mercenary busted by Security Service in North-Eastern Ukraine

19:04, 2 February 2017

A militant of the so-called DPR was detained in Kharkiv region, northeastern Ukraine; the Security Service says the man planned to commit several terrorist and sabotage acts.

In early 2014, he attempted the pro-Russian separatists who tried to take over the regional state administration building. Then, he joined the self-styled DPR and fought against the Ukrainian troops in Donbas.

In 2016, he moved to Russia and crossed the Ukrainian border in Kharkiv region, where he planned to blow up a railway and several other important objects.

He was detained by law enforcers on January 30. The man carried explosives, hand grenades, detonators, maps and photos of the objects that he intended to blow up.

He is charged with separatism and membership in an illegal armed unit.