Poland to exhume remains of victims of Smolensk disaster

19:23, 13 September 2016

Poland is going to exhume the remains of victims of the Smolensk disaster.

This decision was taken by a special group of investigators of the Public Prosecutor General of Poland.

The special commission investigating the causes of crash will gather today in Warsaw. Experts from other European scientific centers will be involved to conduct additional research and expertise.

Prosecutors do not disclose the lists and succession of exhumation. However, according to Polish media, at least four families have been informed of these plans.

Yesterday, the Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz announced that the Commission will soon present a reconstruction of last minutes of the flight of the presidential Tu-154 on April 10 of 2010, which crashed at landing, killing almost one hundred of Polish officials. The President Lech Kaczynski also died aboard a plane.