Nord Stream II weakens Europe, EU needs diversification of energy carriers, - U.S.

20:43, 19 October 2018

Energy projects like Nord Stream II boost Europe's oil and gas addiction from Russia; Wess Mitchell, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs said so commenting on the construction of Nord Stream II pipeline. The official addressed the Atlantic Council session in Washington.

Mitchell insisted that construction of Nord Stream II is a move that weakens Europe in terms of energy independence, which is why the EU needs to think of diversification of supplies of energy carriers. The Nord Stream II pipeline bypasses Ukraine, being laid on the shelf of the Baltic Sea, crossing the waters of Poland, Germany, Finland and the Scandinavian countries.

The U.S. is concerned about the new pipeline and potential increase of dependence of Europe from the Russian natural gas. Washington intends to warn the EU that the sanctions are coming. Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic States also strongly oppose the pipeline construction. Germany, Sweden and Finland already issued the permissions for construction in their territorial waters.