Non "couch troops": Slovyansk residents make their city better

16:03, 23 February 2018

When it's not about a random slogan, but about the way of life. Up and do it – it’s about Hanna Avdiyants from Slovyansk. After the city was released from the militants, a woman together with other indifferent people created a place where locals can communicate to psychologically rehabilitate themselves. Soon they realized: it’s not enough just to talk. What IS needed is to restore to restore their hometown after the war with their own efforts. And to make it better.

As part of the project "Close East", we go on telling about people who make Donbass better for fellow countrymen and closer to the whole country.

This film is presented by the 112 Ukraine TV channel in the framework of the project with the Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI II), funded by the US agency of international development USAID. It is devoted to the people of Donbas region who have managed to change their lives in spite of the war unfolding in Eastern Ukraine.