NCoV 2019: Two Ukrainians among infected as disease takes over 900 lives in China

19:25, 10 February 2020

As of morning February 10, the Chinese coronavirus has killed 910 people. Over the last 24 hours, almost a hundred patients succumbed to the deadly disease.

China's National Committee for Healthcare reported that the number of infected across the country exceeded 45,000; 6,000 of those are in tough condition. A group of scientists from the World Health Organization reached China to research the epidemic caused by coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the number of infected already includes two Ukrainians; one of them is a crew member of Diamond Princess, the cruise ship that is currently under quarantine in the docks in Japan. There are 4,000 people aboard, about 130 of them infected. The disease has been observed in 27 countries worldwide. So far, there is no treatment from it.