Murder of Pavlo Sheremet: Investigation reveals identity of suspects

19:09, 13 December 2019

Yana Duhar, the nurse of Ukraine's Airborne Force unit has been detained and sentenced to house arrest. She is now one of the suspects in the murder of reporter Pavlo Sheremet. The investigation team claims that Duhar took photos of CCTV cameras next to the reporter's house several days before the crime took place.

The court also chooses the pre-trial restriction measure for other two suspects, medic Yulia Kuzmenko and veteran of Donbas conflict Andriy Antonenko. Their houses were searched on Thursday evening.

Law enforcers believe Kuzmenko could be the one who put the explosive under Sheremet's car. They also assume that the suspects planned destabilization of social and political situation in Ukraine by the means of Sheremet's murder.