MH17 tragedy: Buk missile launcher used in attack belongs to Russia

18:52, 24 May 2018

The Dutch investigation team found another confirmation that MH17 plane was shot down from the Russian-made 'Buk' missile system. Particularly, they got fingerprints from the ammunition. Wilbert Paulissen, the Head of Criminal Investigations Central Department of the Netherlands' National Police claimed this as 112 Ukraine broadcasted.

'We got fingerprints from the ammunition that shot down the jet. We understand that this ammunition matches that owned by Russia's military brigade', Paulissen said.

He added that 'the investigations confirmed that the plane was shot down from 'Buk' transferred from Russia to the uncontrolled territory'.

Dmytro Storozhuk, Ukraine’s First Deputy Prosecutor General reported that the joint investigation group has established that 'Buk' was in the service of Russia's Armed Forces, specifically the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade based in Kursk, western Russia.

As is known, Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines, flight MH17 was on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur, when it crashed in the militant-held area of Donetsk region in July 2014. The aircraft carried 298 people; no one survived.