MH17 investigation: Georgia passes Netherlands missile from Buk launcher

16:26, 18 October 2017

Georgia assists the Netherlands in investigation into the MH17 disaster, which took place over Donbas in summer 2014. The Georgian army passed them a missile from Buk anti-aircraft missile launcher.

According to RTL TV channel, the Dutch military and special services came to Georgia in February 2016 and loaded the missile on board of Hercules cargo plane. Dutch Defense Ministry and the MH17 investigation group are now checking if the device is capable of downing fighters of the Dutch Air Force.

As is known, the Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines, widely referred to as flight MH17, was downed over the occupied area of Donetsk region in July 2014. 298 people lost their lives; no one survived. The international group of investigators found out that the civilian aircraft was shot down from Buk missile launcher, which was brought there from Russia.