Pilot who crashed Lufthansa airliner in Alps in 2015 was not a good student

17:52, 31 August 2016

Andreas Lubits, a pilot who deliberately crashed Lufthansa airliner with a hundred people last year, was not a very diligent student.

The instructors of Arizona flight school, which Lubits joined in 2010, informed that to the FBI.

The young man failed one of five exams of the course, as well as one of 67 training flights. Instructors recall that the pilot had learning difficulties and scattered attention. But eventually he completed the course and received a certificate on the sum of points. Flight school director added that due to the possibility to retake exams, only 1 - 2% of students are dismissed.

The ""German Wings" aircraft crashed in the French Alps last year in May. All 150 people aboard died. Investigators established: co-pilot Lubits locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately routed the plane on a rock.

Lubits also suffered from depression and other mental disorders, according to the investigation.

Earlier, relatives of the victims filed a lawsuit against the flight school.