Lawyer visits Ukrainian political prisoner Stanislav Klykh, detained in Russia

17:37, 5 February 2018

Lawyer Roman Kachanov became the first man in many years to shake hands with Stanislav Klykh, the political prisoner from Ukraine who is being illegally detained in Russia. Tetyana Shchur, the Russian human rights watcher reported that on late February 4.

According to her, Kachanov spent three hours with Klykh. The prisoner said he feels fine; however, he gained weight and complained of pain in his legs and told the lawyer he suspects he could have a 'bone tuberculosis'.

Klykh is now being held in a solitary cell.

The lawyer expressed concern that Klykh suffers a mental disorder - perhaps due to the improper detention conditions.

Kachanov also reported that Klykh had visible scars on his body. 'This is, most likely, due to the tortures that they applied to him', Tetyana Shchur said.