Drunk judge causes road accident near Kyiv

16:34, 3 January 2018

A drunk driver caused a road accident at Kyiv-Zhytomyr highway, not far from Kyiv. The alcohol level in his blood appeared to be almost eight times higher than the permissible level. The perpetrator, Dmytro Usatov, appeared to be the judge of the district court of Kyiv region.

Two cars collided on an oncoming traffic lane; the other driver who had his car thrown into a ditch due to the collision, also suffered injuries to the spine.

The road accident’s perpetrator appeared to be drunk and tried hiding inside the ambulance car, thus attempting to flee the scene.However, the witnesses didn’t let him and the doctors go until the driver passed the test for alcohol. The alcohol level appeared to be 1.5 permille, while the permissible level equals 0.2.