Kruty 1918: centenary of memorable battle

17:52, 29 January 2018

Ukrainians mark the centenary of the 1918 Kruty Battle, when 400 young volunteers from the army of Ukraine’s National Republic halted the 4,000-strong Bolshevik army at Kruty railroad station, not far from Kyiv.

Badly outnumbered, the volunteers still managed to hold the enemy and save time for the city’s defenders to prepare. The fight lasted for five hours before the volunteers ran out of ammunition. The enemy managed to capture 28 volunteers and killed them.

Two months later, when the Red Guard were forced out of the Ukrainian capital, the activists re-buried the bodies of the captured volunteers on the bank of Dnieper River in Kyiv. The battle of Kruty became the symbol of sacrifice in Ukraine’s struggle for independence.