Journalists of closed media pass a letter on illegal actions of authorities to US Embassy

14:19, 31 August 2021


The journalists of illegally closed 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZiK TV channels, as well as Pershiy Nezalezhniy, representatives of and handed over a letter about illegal actions of the Ukrainian authorities against media representatives to the U.S. Embassy and the diplomatic mission accepted it.

The letter was passed at the numerous rally organized by representatives of the media illegally closed by the authorities, as well as the Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech. Journalists gathered at the walls of the US Embassy so that during a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky, U.S. President Joseph Biden understood who he was negotiating with - the man who closed the opposition media in his country.

Journalists came to the rally with posters about the importance of the authorities' respect for freedom of speech in the country and an appeal to the United States to influence Zelensky. "Freedom of speech is a pillar of freedom for all. Compel government to respect it", "Zelensky persecutes opposition and shuts TV channels. Why do you invite a dictator to the White House?", "Zelensky is the enemy of freedom of speech" - these banners were addressed to the American president.

Read here the full text of the appeal.