Iryna Nozdrovska’s murder: suspect to stay in custody for 60 days

17:59, 10 January 2018

Vyshgorod district court ruled that Yuriy Rossoshansky, the suspect in the murder of Iryna Nozdrovska, will remain in custody for 60 days – without the right for a bailout. The respective decision was pronounced on January 9th. 

‘The defendant Yuriy Rossoshansky will remain in custody at a state-run pre-trial detention facility. The decision remains effective until March 8, 2018’, the judges said during the hearing.

Lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska disappeared on December 29th. Two days later, on January 1st, her body was found in a pond near the village of Demydiv in Vyshgorodsky district of Kyiv region. She had a daughter and an elderly mother. The murder of Iryna Nozdrovska caused huge public outcry in the Ukrainian society.