Heaviest cyber attack in Ukraine's entire history

17:11, 29 June 2017

Petya.A, the computer malware affecting PCs with Windows operation systems on them, hit Ukraine, several European countries and India. The nation-wide cyber-attack caused by the virus activity took place on Tuesday and went on to Europe.

The virus, uploaded in PDF and Microsoft Word files was imposed through computer programs used by bank accountants in Ukraine; next, it spread across computers in many companies, including governmental agencies, media companies, mobile network operators and many others.

Thousands of computers were damaged and lost vital data, which caused serious economic losses, the government says. Petya-A encrypts data on hard drive stores and demands ransom for decryption.

Cyber protection experts highly advise Windows users to update their operation systems and anti-virus software regularly, as well as to stay away from suspicious files they receive via emails and social networks.