Funeral Ceremony for Shimon Peres

16:39, 30 September 2016

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas talked in brief with the Prime-Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu before the memorial service of the former head of the Jewish state Shimon Peres. The leaders last talked to each other in 2010, when Israel and Palestine were yet again trying to solve the conflict peacefully.

The day before the coffin with the Peres’s body was situated outside the parliament building for the public could say their goodbye to him.

Shimon Peres was buried on the national cemetery on the Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The funeral was attended by the relatives, dozens of country’s officials and famous world politicians.

Shimon Peres died of brain hemorrhage at the age of 94 on Wednesday.

He was one of most famous Israeli politicians ever, took part in forming armed forces, nuclear sector and negotiated on the peace with the Palestinians at the same time, being awarded with a Nobel Peace Price for that.