First aircraft with bodies of victims of TU-154 crash lands in Moscow

18:41, 26 December 2016

First flight with bodies of Tu-154 crash victims arrived in Moscow. The flight also delivered 86 aircraft wrecks. The identification and DNA testing of the bodies to be held in Moscow.

According to Russian Defense Ministry, 11 bodies and 154 were found during the 1 day of the rescue and search operation. The Minister of Transport of Russia announced that most likely the crash was caused by the technical malfunction or the pilot's error. However previously the Russian Air Force's deputy head of flight safety Sergey Bainetov announced that the jet was in proper technical condition. It was last examined in September 2016.

The crew was headed by the by the class 1 pilot Roman Volkov who has repeatedly conducted flights to Syria.

The search and rescue group was expanded – 39 ships, 135 divers and 7 deep-diving vehicles are involved.