Farewell ceremony for Kateryna Handziuk took place in Kherson city

21:22, 7 November 2018

A mournful ceremony took place in Kherson on Wednesday; citizens came to say goodbye to Kateryna Handziuk who passed away due to the injuries she suffered in an attack that occurred several months ago.

The ceremony took about two hours. Handziuk's relatives, friends, coleagues and common citizens came to pay tribute to the deceased activist and the counselor to the mayor of Kherson city. Hundreds of people with funeral wreaths and flowers approached the burial site on the cemetery.

The civil activist and counselor to the mayor of Kherson city, a devoted fighter against corruption in the government, Handziuk suffered an acid attack in July when a man poured some sulfuric acid on her head and neck. She survived the initial assault but died at a hospital on November 4, due to multi-organ failure and consequences of severe burns.

The law enforcers immediately started an investigation. Five suspects in the attack were detained; all but one pleaded guilty, facing from 10 to 15 years in prison. The remaining suspect refuses to reveal the name of the contractor and thus may face the life sentence.